Tech Support on Windows 7 Desktop Enhancements

Various innovative Microsoft applications are coming up almost everyday. Microsoft is furnishing Windows with newer features and functionalities. Now opening, sorting and closings through Windows has become easier with new improvements and features. With little tech support you can find what you want and can get things done faster than ever before!

Tech Support
Overwhelmed by too many open windows on desktop? Microsoft has come up with new ways to juggle the open windows. You can now make use of three useful ways to clear through desktop clutter. The features Shake, Peek, and Snap can instantly get your desktop rid of unnecessary clutters. How to do that? Computer support experts will guide you way.

Can’t see what’s on your desktop. Make use of Peek-a-boo. Using Peek you can turn your open windows into transparent wallpapers and you can see through the desktop. Now with this feature on your Windows you can open as many windows you need and yet you can enjoy seeing the desktop instantly when you need it.

We are used too spend a whole lot of time staring at the computer. Isn’t it? So, can we consider aesthetics just as afterthoughts? Surely not! That’s why Microsoft tech support experts have included a wide array of wallpapers. From sublime to silly-you can get all types of wallpapers on your Windows 7. Want to make your PC time enjoyable? Why not go for lively wallpaper? You can set it easily from the Control Panel. Try this and have a good time on computer!

Are you using Windows 7 on your computer? How do you liking the new features of Windows 7? Share your thoughts with us!