Tech Support Reminder for Windows 7RC

Microsoft gave a longer than average trial period this time, 13 months, but finally the time has come; your Widows7 RC is about to expire on June1, 2010. Windows tech support team stated clearly that the Release Candidate will remain valid until 1st June, 2010. So, if you are still running Windows 7 Release Candidate, think of purchasing the license to avoid alert annoyance like bi-hourly system shutdown and reminder notifications.

However, going one step ahead you can get rid of the expiry date by disabling the “Send Feedback” button in your beta version. Online computer support experts help you perform the tricky job through some easy steps. The Microsoft Patch they are utilizing, not only help you get an unlimited use of Windows 7 avoiding the annoying expiration warning but also remove the watermark from the desktop. In fact, you can say, this is the first big patch of Windows.

But at the same time you must keep the fact in mind that Windows pre-released version is unsupported and therefore you might lack several options and features even after getting the unlimited access, this way. Contact with a remote tech support or specialized operating system support professional now to know more about Windows 7 RC and its installation scenarios.