Training For Security In Today’s Computer World

by: Shannon Margolis

Security training and certification will not only help keep students safe online, but gives them just one more certification to add to their resume to make them more marketable to potential employers. These certifications and the security knowledge that comes with them are quickly becoming something that anyone who uses computers on a day to day basis cannot afford to be without. Having a basic working knowledge of security is the first step in keeping your computer, your identity, your personal information, and even your family safe online.

Security is a word that is catching up with people who rely on computer systems to keep operations and businesses running. Today, the average worker signs an acceptable use policy which is part of a large computer security policy, and they are responsible for any misuse and damage caused on computer resources. Some companies offer training to raise awareness of the employees in regards to computer security, but some other companies prefer to hire workers who have already acquired security related credentials. There is definitely a need for workers who know the basics of security already. These types of employees bring a great value to a company with less downtime and fewer security lapses.

Average employees need a basic core knowledge of security to distinguish between the legitimate and malevolent practices. They will then be armed with knowledge which can complement a system administrator’s security safeguards. Parents, teachers, and students can also use these techniques to guard their home computers, their families, and their intellectual properties. Those who bank online, pay utility bills online, shop online, and have children chatting online can all use these security resources to help protect them. The training will help students protect themselves against identity theft, credit card fraud, online phishing scams, viruses, and backdoors, as well as email hoaxes, sexual predators, and loss of confidential information.

There are of course more specific courses available for employees, like these available at There are specific courses for Microsoft security training, Integrated E-Business Solutions, Citrix security courses, and Cisco security training. Unitek is, in fact the only company in the United States to achieve dual status as a Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning and Integrated E-Business Solutions and Cisco Learning Partner.

In addition to offering free mini bootcamps, there are courses available in the systems mentioned above, and Vendor Neutral Security Training, NETAPP, Linux, CompTIA, JAVA, Open Standards, and Sun Solaris.