Upgrade with the MSDN Version of Windows XP

When you try to upgrade Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP Professional by using the MSDN media, you may receive the following error message after your computer restarts the first time to start Text-mode Setup:

Setup was unable to verify drive C:. Your computer may not have enough memory to examine the drive, or your Windows XP CD may contain some corrupted files. To continue, press Enter.

After you press ENTER, you may receive the following error message:

To retry, press Enter. If you are not successful after several tries, quit Setup. Then, to restart setup, copy the Windows XP installation files to your hard disk.

Setup cannot access the CD containing the Windows XP installation files. To quit Setup, press F3.

If you restart your computer and choose the Windows 2000 option on the boot menu, you may receive the following error message on a blue screen:

STOP 0x0000007B (0xED41B84C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000) INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE


To resolve this problem, note that MSDN Universal, Enterprise, Professional, and Operating Systems subscribers can download the final release of Windows XP from the MSDN Web site:

1. Download the ISO CD-ROM image from the following MSDN Subscriber Downloads page:

2. Rename the image file that you downloaded to File name.iso.
3. Double-click the file to start the CD-ROM burning software and burn the image to CD-ROM, restart your computer, and then run Setup.

Although the MSDN DVD version of Windows XP Professional may not work correctly when you try to upgrade from a previous operating system, a clean installation works correctly.