Using All Features From Adobe Premier Software

By: Adriana J. Noton

Adobe Premier Software offers dynamic performance for video production allowing you to work not just efficiently, but also at a much faster rate. The powerful native 64-bit GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine is the key technology that has accelerated the Adobe premier software to the highest levels of performance. Users now have the ability to work with the video formats of their choosing and they have the power to boost production. Adobe Premier brings the best performance editing to innovative storytelling.

You can use all features from Adobe Premier that includes:

Script-to-Screen Workflow : Collaborate on writing scripts with the new CS Live service Adobe Story, Automatically create shot lists from your script in Adobe OnLocation to manage your shoot and capture logging notes. It is also easy to create a preliminary rough cut.

Synchronized footage: Speech Search allows you to synchronize your scripts to footage, and then edit based on the dialogue transcript. Downloading Speech Analysis allows users to change to spoken words into text from various languages.

Flexible Delivery Options Enhanced: You can make your video using Adobe Media Encode. The metadata-rich assets are ready to use in a searchable web DVD or interactive online player. Users have the ability to import and edit all the popular QuickTime formats natively with full access to clip metadata.

Final Cut Pro Project Import and Export Enhanced: Users can Roundtrip projects between Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Final Cut Pro without re-rendering or conversion or re-rendering which maintains normally used transitions and effects.

AAF Project Interchange: Interchange project file information with other software in the production workflow. As well, the Avid Media Composer Project Import and Export are enhanced. Users can also export audio in Open Media Framework (OMF) format for interchange with audio workstations.

Broad format support: Comprehensive video format compatibility is enhanced. Edit content from the most popular tapeless cameras without rewrapping or transcoding. As well, import and export major video, audio, and graphic file formats. Combine content from all supported formats in the Adobe Premiere Pro time-line without restrictions. Use native DPX file import and export to create a 10-bit uncompressed DI workflow. Maintain precise control when working with DPX sequences. Record and play back audio through any multichannel audio card or hardware that supports the industry-standard ASIO protocol (Windows only). As well, select from a wide range of capture cards and other hardware to build the editing system you require.

With the Adobe Premiere, you can create high-quality visual/editorial effects directly within the editing time-line. Edit faster with powerful tools for precise control and real-time feedback. Add color correction and other effects, audio filters, and more. Adobe Premiere enables users to deliver their work almost anywhere, for film, disc, broadcast, Online discount computer software available online such as Cheap Adobe software, Adobe computer software, Corel and more. Maintaining the lowest prices on the internet for Best Computer Microsoft Software in the market.device, and mobile distribution. You will definitely be able to craft your story effectively with Adobe Premiere Software. Once you learn all the functions, it is an extremely effective tool with lot of advanced features, and when running on a high performance.