Windows 7: The best new features

Windows 7, the new operating system from Microsoft, has recently launched a beta version. The final version is expected during 2009 and will be a nice and welcome changes entail. There are many review on microsoft windows vista help and support features which is examined it is implemented where necessary. Here some of the best new features of Windows 7.

The new Taskbar
In Windows 7, the taskbar had a new design. There have been well looked at Mac OS X from rival Apple, the taskbar seems suspiciously like the dock in OS X. You can program in the taskbar, drag, and you see a live preview of what is happening in the window area. If you have multiple tabs open in your browser you see live previews of each tab in the browser, and you can if you want to go there directly.

Jump lists
Jump lists are context-sensitive menus that are available for each program in the taskbar. Click the program icon for a list of the most recent or most frequently used tasks. For example, click the icon for configuring internet explorer in windows xp and you see your history or favorites, click the Word icon and you'll see a list of, for example, you recently opened documents.

Aero updates
The Aero user interface was first used in Windows Vista. Windows 7 Aero has a number of updates received. Aero Peek is very similar to Expose, the window manager of Mac OS X. Drag your mouse over the right side of the Taskbar and your active window is transparent, so you can see the desktop. The new Snap feature lets you easily enlarge windows and maximize them to different corners of your screen dragging. Drag a window to the top of your screen and automatically maximized, and drag him to restore to original size. Drag a window to the left or right side of your screen and the window will occupy half of the screen. This way you can easily and quickly align windows side.

Improved search
The search in Windows 7 is improved. You will get suggestions for results as you type, and also contacts, e-mail topics, documents, playlists, music titles and even the names of agencies in the panel searched.

Less pop-ups
One of the most annoying aspects of windows vista help services is undoubtedly the User Account Control (UAC) for almost every action asked for confirmation. Here, Microsoft has done and happy with what Windows 7 will have less pop-ups and the security settings to better adapt.

Device Management
Device Manager in Windows 7 has only 1 screen to all your internal and external devices to manage. Digital cameras, mp3 players, printers, you can see them all back. Click on a device and see the status (battery life, free disk space, etc.) and here you can perform different actions, for example, the device to synchronize and maintain.

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