Windows firewall

Today the protection of computers is very important because with out the security of he computer anyone can hack your documents from the computer. In the market , software's are developing so Microsoft invent the software called windows firewall and it is inbuilt feature of the windows xp. Lot of software's in the market but they all are costly and most of the people cannot buy it so windows launched this software within the windows and it protects the computer from unwanted threads .we can enable the firewall in windows with the help of this path.
start < firewall="">< disabled="" ok="" and="" than="" click="" on="" close="">
It has three options i.e.

1-General:-In the general tab ,there are two options called on and of while if the ON button is selected than it blocks all the out sided traffic from the Internet connected to this computer and only allow the selected programs or software's who are selected in exception if the off button is selected it means that windows firewall is off that means windows firewall is not responsible to corrupt the computer from viruses because computer viruses are coming from the Internet and it blocks the programs so might be computer corrupted it is very important to ON the windows firewall.

2-Exceptions:In the windows firewall exceptions tab we can see the the selected programs which programs are selected or not so that we can find out which program is blocked and which allow .windows firewall blocks the incoming network traffic or connections except for those programs and services which are selected in exceptions and we can manually add or remove the traffic or programs and services accordingly by add program button and can also delete the program from the list in windows firewall. so it has so many features.

3:-Advanced:-In the advanced tab it has so many advanced options like blocking the protocols like icmp and network connections and security logging. In the security logging settings create a log file the purpose of troubleshooting so all the log files can be created in the file and we can see the exact error.

Internet control message protocol .In the icmp protocol we can only allow block all the network or either block the share data in the Internet and also block the ping it means that the computers are not pinging but data share is allow so there is one more option that windows firewall that is network connection in that we can add another connection and select it .
So windows firewall has so many advanced features and it is very helpful for the protection of the computer . So with the help of the windows firewall we can save our data and document in the Internet that is very important because every one wants to save our data and no one does not want to loss the data .

Windows firewall is also known as ICF (Internet connection firewall), is a security software that monitors the the programs and restricts the information or software's that travels data from one computer to another in the Internet restricts some one who try to access the computer through the Internet from the outside ,windows firewall security needs your permission to enter into the computer otherwise windows firewall blocks the programs and he never access the computer, windows firewall is used for security or privacy and is very important to On the windows firewall it saves our data and computer from viruses.