Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and 2 Install

Windows Update, there are regular free updates. This range of required updates and extremely useful to an optional updates. When Windows Update is set properly, the updates automatically downloaded and installed. Recently also Service Pack two in certain areas available, and will soon be available for each language. But what are the Service Packs now?

Service pack?
For Microsoft Windows XP, there were three Service Packs from data. These larger packages to update several things. In addition to the Service Packs are also smaller updates are issued, only certain parts change or update. A Service Pack often provides multiple updates, which often increases the size. These packages ensure that the user can work with Vista, and some disturbing errors are corrected. The fact is that the Service Packs only improve. There are no new features added. The Service Packs are always free and can easily be installed. But what they actually do and how you can use the Service Packs for Vista install?

New Features of Service Pack 1

* Quality Improvements - The quality of the operating system in general improved. Certain errors and delete functions to improve the quality changes in a positive way.
* Reliability - Better support for equipment. You can in this way more confidence that hardware and software to function correctly.
Performance - Improving the performance of certain acts can be carried out faster.

Other improvements

* Management Improvements - The run disk defragmenter is easier, and also is working with BitLocker now simpler.
* Accessibility - DirectX 10.1 for even better techniques in videogames. Better support the use of wireless networks.

Service Pack 1 provides the useful and interesting improvements. This update is Vista a lot faster and safer and there are some known bugs addressed. However, the changes in this Service Pack is not yet very poignant.

Service Pack 2

* Support for Bluetooth communication
* Better support wifi
* Improved power management
* Improved search
* Improvements to Windows Server 2008. You can also get excellent exchange server support services from companies like microsoft, iyogi etc.

Service Pack 2 is currently not yet published in the Netherlands. But he is already in some languages to download. The Service Pack will soon be using Windows Update to download are.

Service Pack: simple?
Installing a Service Pack is very simple. With Windows Vista Support Services, it becomes very easy. If your Windows Update settings to automatically have is, will the updates come automatically. Then will all be installed. All this happens in the background, so you can just go on. However, the computer restarts to be. The user gets a warning, and can also postpone the reboot.

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