16 New Benefits of Windows Vista

by: Vithal Pai

Microsoft created frenzy with the introduction of Windows Vista. Many XP users notices the benefits, appeal, and curiosity skyrocketed through the roof. If you've ever wondered about Vista's benefits can learn about it here.

Improved Search Capabilities

1.) The Start Menu now has a Windows logo; the search function launches programs automatically. These improves make navigation earn than XP's search options.

Intense 3D Graphics

2.) Microsoft stepped up its grapics by 300% compared to XP. The new Avalon encoding allows gamers, web designers, and game designers to use 3D software with no problems. Another solution includes Aero that renders top 3D graphics for open Windows.

3.) Live Taskbar thumbnails uses the navigation of the applications available such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media 11, and other tasks frequently used on the system.

4.) New improvements of search uses indexing services thatr finds, launch, and saves applications with ease.

5.) Windows has tackled the security problems associated with Internet Explorer's previous versions. Internet Explorer 6 is upgraded to Internet Explorer 7; some of the top features include Antiphishing, Parental Controls, Protected Mode Browsing, Inbound and Outbound firewall, User account control, Standard user control, and Windows Defender. Now users can feel secure compared to the previous versions' lack of protection.

Speedy Start Ups and Shutdown

6.) Speedy startup, new sleep mode, and speedy shut down completes in 10 seconds compared to the 20-30 seconds processes of XP. Not only can you move on without worry of the system taking too long, you can put the system in Hybrid Sleep Mode. Hybrid Sleep Mode writes memory contents to the hard disk then enters shutdown with hibernation.

7.) Fetch, now 'Super Fetch', is a new memory management technology that pre-loads most used applications into memory. Now, you can launch the applications in half the time to imrpove productivity.

Ready Boost- Speed Up Your PC

8.) Ready Boost improves the speed of your PC by tapping into the Virtual Memory concept with swap files. Swap files are substitution for additional memory in your PC without adding RAM. The swap files are stored in relative slower hard disk that affects the overall performance of the PC, but it's a great addition to managing space. If this sounds like a great deal, consider the use of USB flash hard drives' use of Ready Boost to add additional memory to your PC at any time. All of this is offered in a tight, little package in a USB port instead of previous hard disk to help move documents to an encrypted format so it cannot be read by others.

9.) Hybrid Hard Drive Support drives combine the features of flash memory with conventional hard drive to boost the overall performance of the PC. With this improvement, the hybrid hard drive increases battery life of PCs that turns off the internal motor the hard drive off. Hybrid hard drive support drives keeps data flowing with no problem; this is an extension of Microsoft's attempt to enhance performance and portability of PCs.

10.) Power management control allows users to change the settings of their PC while creating a profile to save battery life. With this new addition available, top manufacturers may set their own settings preloaded in your PC. The power management control is a great addition to the other features because you will have more time to enjoy the fun of your PC compared to Windows XP.

Wireless Networking

11.) Windows Vista's wireless networking features allow you to name it, save individual settings for the network, and reconnect to their network with the configurations. These additions allow you to leave hotspots without logging out of their systems. With the settings readily available, you can return without entering the same configureations that's required in Windows XP.

Vista's Windows Photo Gallery

12.) Windows Photo Gallery has a lot of features including the thumbnail views, previews of photos, and scales. You can also preview, sort, distribute, import, and modify photo contrasts as well as videos in the software. Vista's improvements will allow anyone with a little editing knowledge great picture perfect photos for their family and friends at home.

13.) Change the names of files, photos, and videos by right clicking the default folder and clicking the Rename option. You can change the file name up to the file extension while keeping organization to a minimum with the new feature.

14.) You can go directly to files because of the removal of 'My' before navigation with Windows Explorer.

Media Player 11

15.) Multimedia capabilities now allow users to burn DVDs, CDs, and edit playlist to create the perfect sing-a-long for road trips or iPods.

Gadgets on the Sidebar

16.) The new sidebar improves functionality and productivity with an analog clock, calendar, slide show, news feed, and notepad. Windows offers over 3,000 gadgets online for easy downloads.