7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

by: Justin Daniel

If you are relatively new to the world of Internet development and are thinking about purchasing a web hosting package for the first time it can be hard to know where to start. By avoiding the following common mistakes that many beginners make you can increase your chances of choosing the right web hosting provider.

Mistake 1 - Buying A Web Hosting Package From A Domain Registrar.

Don't fall in to the trap of immediately hosting with a domain registrar as many of these companies provide overpriced web hosting packages that are stripped of the most essential features for building a web site. Many of these companies skim the market with their web hosting packages and prey on uninformed clients who ultimately end up with a web hosting package that does not fulfill their needs. I am not saying all domain registrars do this, some do not, but make an informed decision.

Mistake 2 - Choosing A Web Hosting Package With No Refund Guarantee.

Some web hosting companies do not provide a refund guarantee for their starter packages. If you are starting out and only require a moderately sized web hosting deal ensure you do not end up paying for a web hosting package that does not fulfill the requirements of your web site with no option for a refund.

Mistake 3 - Choosing A Shared Web Hosting Package When You Require Dedicated, Or Vice Versa.

The two main types of web hosting packages you can select is shared or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is best for web sites that are reasonably small or web sites that are only starting out. Purchasing a dedicated server is only required for web sites with really high traffic. You can always switch to a dedicated server later on if required, many companies will do this for you free of charge, and you can save money in the mean time.

Mistake 4 - Selecting A Package With Inadequate Features.

If you are only starting out you don't need every feature under the sun yet there are some essential features that some web hosting companies do not provide on their starter packages. PHP, MYSQL, Webmail and a handful of email accounts is the very least that you will require for even the most basic website. Your web designer will love you and it prevents having to change web hosts unnecessarily later on down the track if you require these features for simple things such as a contact form, news section, database of customers and so on.

Mistake 5 - Not Choosing A Package With Free Support.

If you end up with the right web hosting provider you usually wont encounter too many problems. It's better to be safe than sorry, however, and you should have the freedom to contact the support department of your web hosting provider whenever you encounter a problem or have a question and not have to worry about a hefty fee.

Mistake 6 - Choosing A Package With No Simple Back Up Solution.

Many web hosts do not provide a free back up solution. This may seem unreasonable but it because it would be impossible for the web hosts to back up every single time their clients modified their web sites. This means it is your responsibility to ensure you retrieve regular up to date back ups of your web site and if this is a feature of your web hosting package it will help you out a great deal.

Mistake 7 - Paying The Wrong Price.

The many different prices that web hosting providers use for their products can be quite confusing for the beginner. It is common practise in the industry for companies to advertise a monthly price yet expect you to pay for at least a years worth of hosting. If you keep this in mind and steer clear of the mistakes mentioned in this article you will be well on your way to choosing the right web hosting provider.

I hope my advice has been helpful. If you are about to be involved in creating an Internet presence for the first time it can be a very rewarding experience. Try not to get too overwhelmed by the many things to worry about and give something creative and different to the Internet - your visitors will love you for it. Good luck!