Automatically put your computer on standby

Free computer tip for system standby

You might not know that you can automatically put your computer on standby. But remember when you computer is on standby your data is not saved to your hard drive so in this case if there is interruption in power supply your data will be lost.
If you are using a laptop, you can specify one setting for battery power and a other for AC power. You can adjust any power management option that your computer's hardware configuration supports. Normally power options automatically detects the available hardware on your computer and shows you only the options that you can control.

How to do it?

Open Control Panel and then select Power Option.
In Power Schemes, there is a drop down menu click the down arrow, and then select a power scheme. The time settings for the power scheme are displayed in System standby, Turn off monitor, and Turn off hard disks. You can select your suitable timing by selecting a time in Turn off monitor if you want to turn off your monitor before your computer goes on standby.
select a time in Turn off hard disks if you want to turn off your hard disk before your computer goes on standby.