Mozilla Firefox short keys

Free Computer Tips for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is taking the place of IE. It is getting popularity because of its functionality and user friendly options. Most of us are using Mozilla firefox for specific purpose and they waste so much time while browsing because they don't know the short keys for Mozilla firefox. You can save time by using these short keys.

Here is a shortlist of Mozilla Firefox short keys

  • CTRL+A Selects the all items on active page
  • CTRL+B Display the "Organize Bookmarks" dialog box
  • F5 Refresh the active web page
  • F7 activate the cursor to move with keyboard
  • ALT+Home Use to open the home page of Internet explorer
  • ALT+Left Arrow Go to previous page of active page
  • ALT+Right Arrow Go to next page of active page
  • ALT+B Go to Mozilla Firefox Favorites Menu
  • ALT+D Go to address bar of current Firefox page
  • ALT+E Go to Mozilla Firefox Edit Menu
  • ALT+F Go to Mozilla Firefox File Menu
  • ALT+S Go to Mozilla Firefox History Menu
  • ALT+T Go to Mozilla Firefox Tools Menu
  • ALT+V Go to Mozilla Firefox View Menu
  • CTRL+SHIFT+DEL Use to clear all Private Data history
  • CTRL+SHIFT+D Use to Bookmarks all Firefox Tabs
  • CTRL+Tab Move to next Tab in Mozilla Firefox
  • CTRL+ - decrease the font size
  • CTRL++ increase the font size
  • CTRL+R Use to reload the active web page
  • CTRL+T Display a new Tab
  • CTRL+U View the source code
  • CTRL+W Closes the Mozilla Firefox window
  • CTRL+I Display the Bookmarks pane
  • CTRL+H Display the History sidebar
  • CTRL+N Use to open new Mozilla Firefox page
  • CTRL+P Use to print the active web page