Ancestry Help Zone

Like many of my clients, my new passion is Genealogy.  I've discovered that I really like searching my family history and learning about all the characters in our family.

I've already been helping clients fix their genealogy software and scanner problems for years.  Now I've taken the next step in helping those same clients.  I've started a new web site specifically aimed at helping folks learn how to use the tools and resources used in genealogy research. 

This new site will share tips and other information on how to maximize your research time on sites like and as well as information on using Microsoft Word, Excel, scanners, etc.

While the site will be tailored specifically to genealogy research, I think others will find it helpful too because it will share general computer information as well.

I will be adding to the site regularly, so you might want to check it out and bookmark (or add to favorites) the site. The web address is: