Best Registry Cleaners and Today’s Computers

By: Joey McClaren

Microsoft never responded with their own registry cleaner while those early best registry cleaners sold well.

So there will no loner be a need to repair the registry, they were more focused on patching security issues instead and fixing bugs, and lessening the occurrences of common critical errors.

Unless their support pages specify otherwise, Microsoft is not very much in favor of manually editing the registry.

Computer users are finally accepting the major changes in design, interface and most importantly in stability now that Windows 7 has been released recently and gaining in market share.

Windows 7 even runs faster the Windows Vista under the same hardware specs. Overall performance isn’t really a big deal unless heavy applications or games are running combined with the latest high speed processors and other system specs.

Buying any of the best registry cleaners may be just a second thought to some users.

Still, the registry structure of the Windows 7 is similar to the previous ones and still lacks a registry cleaning solution so active developers are updating their software to support registry repairs on Windows 7 systems.

If you are using today’s modern computer, there are several characteristics of a registry that you still need to look into.


The most important characteristic of the registry cleaner by far is compatibility. A different registry structure may be used by every operating system and older registry cleaners may not be familiar with how the entries are laid out.

A significant damage may happen if an incompatible registry cleaner marks certain entries as errors.

It is a great hassle to put your system back in order after an unsuccessful registry repair even if back up copies were made.

To make things simple, always check at the system requirements of the registry scanner and see it is compatible with your operating system.

If there is incompatibility in the requirements, go to the homepage of the program and search for the recent edition that supports your system. registry cleaners that are compatible with Windows 7 are top softwares including Perfect Optimizer, Registry Genius, and Registry Easy.

User Interface

Many people like the type of interface incorporated into Windows 7 and new users are getting accustomed to it.

Following their own friendly user interfaces is only fair for the best registry cleaners.

Nowadays, even though there are many people who knows hoe to use a computer, there are still those who are just learning the ropes and knowing how to do maintenance themselves with the help of the registry cleaning software helping them save some money in support costs.

A program that has a presentable interface that you will enjoy is what you have to look for. You might want all of the options up front like Perfect Optimizer if you are an expert computer user.

Newbies are recommended to opt for Registry Easy.

Scanning Accuracy

The most stable operating system by far is the Windows 7 and the performance and stability is not influenced very much even if you installed all kinds of third party programs.

Especially if you are utilizing the 64 bit version, many viruses and other malware hardly function in Windows 7. Scanning accuracy has little importance here but it can still be good to have if you plan on installing this in multiple operating systems or if you badly need a registry scan for slow performance.

Just because a program such as Registry Easy does not report a lot of errors does not mean that it is a terrible program because less error reports reduces the chances of false positives too.

Extra Features

Just in case a simple registry scan is not enough, many of the best registry cleaners come with extra features.

Registry defragmenting, privacy cleaning and DLL fixing may be some of the tools that will enhance its performance.

As long as it is compatible with the operating system it is used on, all of these features are welcome to any registry cleaner.

As long as the latest version is installed, these characteristics conclude that even modern computers can use any of the best registry cleaners.

Some programs allow automatic updates to ensure that they function fine on the latest operating system to make this easier.

As long as it is one of the best and the average asking price is around $35 which is fairly inexpensive, it certainly does not hurt to install a registry cleaner.