Create a Startup Disk By Using this Virtual Floppy Disk Drive No Built-in Installations Needed

Because of fast technology CD’s is much exploit compare to a Floppy Disk And because of a high memory capacity of 700MB it can store any type of file. Like Mp3, Video, your important data files and Bootable Disk Streaming Windows Xp SP2 Professional by using any Burning Software. Best example is (Nero). However, Other Program requires to having built-in Floppy Drive on their PC to open a system files. So I made a Decision and find what Software I will use to make a Virtual floppy Drive. And this is it, VFD Control Panel a small software that can you use to backup your system files and make not only one but twice Virtual Floppy Drive. With A default letter A: for your Floppy Drive. But you can select what Letter you want for your Device A-Z. It safe and no Hustle, no Adds-on and Virus free. Just Install or extract the file on any directory you want. Now you can use Floppy drive without built-in installed….

Click All the Image for Better Guide:

Download VFDCpanel: Here
Download OEMBoot.IMZ: Here

Note: You can Make a Blank IMZ file by Copying OEMBoot.IMZ file and Rename it into Blank144.IMZ file. Open your Rename file in VFDCPanel. Format then Save Now you Have a Black 3.5" 1.44MB Image Disk. Thanks...

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