Default Windows 7 File Extension Types list

Default File Extension Types list for Windows 7

AudioCD - Audio CD protocol associations.

avi - Audio Video Interleave files.

bat - Batch files.

bmp - Bitmap image files.

chm - Microsoft compiled HTML help files.

cmd - Windows command script files.

com - MS-DOS application files.

cur - Windows File Cursor animation files used for the Microsoft Windows mouse pointer image.

Directory - Directory protocol associations

dll - A Dynamic Link Library (dll) file is a support file used by one or more programs.

drive - Drive protocol associations.

exe - Executable application files.

folder - Folder protocol associations.

gif - Graphics Interchange Format image files.

htm - Hypertext Mark-up Language document files.

html - Hypertext Mark-up Language document files.

ico - Icon files.

inf - Setup information files.

jpe - Joint Photographic Experts Group image files.

jpeg - Joint Photographic Experts Group image files.

jpg - JPG (Joint Photographic Group) image files.

js - Java Script files.

lnk - Shortcut link (LNK) files.

mp3 - MP3 sound format file.

mpa - MPEG audio file.

mpe - MPEG movie file.

mpeg - MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) video file.

mpg - MPEG video file.

msc - Mirosoft Common Console document files.

reg - Registry files.

rtf - Rich Text document files.

scr - Screen Saver files.

tif - Tagged Image files Format.

tiff - Tagged Image files Format.

txt - Text document files.

vbs - Visual Basic Script files.

wma - Windows Media Audio files.

wmv - Windows Media Audio/Video file.

wsf - Windows Script Files.

xml - Excel Macro files.

xps - XML Paper Specification document files.

zip - archival and data compression format used to compress one or more files