How to Extend Your Netbook's Battery in Nine Easy Steps

By: Ray Keyes

For netbook users, extending the battery life is a continuous source of concern. While netbooks may be ultra portable that you can put one conveniently in your handbag, their batteries only extend up to a certain number of hours. A 3-cell battery typically last up to three hours. A 6-cell battery and a 9-cell battery have a proportionally longer life span. Here are some ways that you can extend your netbook�s battery life.

1. Defrag regularly

Defragmenting your netbook�s hard drive is one of the best ways to make it perform better since it repairs the bad sectors that slow down your machine. Take the time to defrag your computer, but of course you don�t do this when you�re on battery mode.

2. Set your netbook to the lowest resolution.

Cut your netbook�s resolution and lighting to the lowest performance to increase battery life. Some netbook�s allow you to modify your CPU and your cooling systems, so you might want to set them to the lowest level.

3. Close non-important programs

Some unimportant programs that you might want to close while your netbook is on battery mode are Windows Media Plyer, iTunes, and desktop search. All these programs (substantially) cut down your battery life. Also, if you have an external CD/DVD drive, do not use it while you�re on battery mode.

4. Minimize external devices

Plugging USB devices like your USB mouse drain your laptop. So does using Wi-Fi and charging other devices like your iPod. (Charging USB devices while on battery mode is actually the surest way to drain your netbook�s battery in the shortest time possible.)

5. Increase the RAM

Increasing the RAM allows you to process more with your netbook�s memory rather than relying on its virtual memory, which demands more from your hard drive. Take note that adding more RAM actually consumes more energy, so you only have to do this when you use memory-intensive programs that would otherwise heavily use your virtual memory.

6. Keep your battery contacts clean

Make it a habit to clean your battery�s metal contacts every two months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This keeps power transfer from your battery more efficient.

7. Take care of your battery

Do not leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. When a battery is charged, you should use it every two to three weeks. Do not let your netbook�s Li-On battery completely discharge because it will affect the memory.

8. Clean your netbook

There�s a lot of sense in periodically cleaning your netbook; your netbook will operate more efficiently because it becomes cooler. Clean your netbook�s air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner.

9. Do not multi-task

Do one thing at a time on your mini laptop while you are on battery mode. Set your mind completely on one thing rather than opening your email client, listening to music and typing at the same time. If you try to do everything at once, you will only drain your battery without getting anything done.