How to Make Free International Calls

 By: Adrian Fisher


I've been using Skype for some time to contact family and friends abroad, however it is not without its problems! It appears that whenever I need to make contact (especially if its urgent), they never have their computers turned on, as they are at work, out, or it's too early or late due to time differences. I have often telephoned instead, asking them if it is possible to turn on the computer 'now'. Even this isn't effective and being a woman (we are definitely worse), I end up chatting away and worrying about the cost of the phone bill later, as inevitably I get excited to be speaking to them, the minutes wizz away, leaving me with a hefty bill and totally defeating the object! I've tried texting, but once it took 3 days for the bloody thing to arrive! No good at all.

I have just found out through a work colleague, that I can make free international calls on my mobile through Briing. This means (I hope) I can afford to talk to family and friends abroad more regularly in future. To be eligible for these free calls, I must contact them via their website in order to get a free mobile access number. Apparently, Briing is the sole provider of free international calls in the UK. They currently have countries such as India, Pakistan, Australia, the USA listed and many more to come, with the list expanding all the time. I just needed to phone Europe and Canada, which were down on the list, so great, I'll give it a try!

To sign up and get issued with your free call number, all you need to do is enter your details including name, email address, your mobile number and the network it's on, plus the destination you plan to phone. I'm not quite sure how it works, as free international calls are not available all the time. I think it may depend on the country you intend to phone and whether you call during peak or off peak times, or at the weekend. I'm guessing that you have to supply the company with a specific number that you plan to ring on a regular basis and any other international numbers will be charged at a discounted rate. I can see from their tariffs that even if I am paying, the calls will certainly be cheaper than usual. My international phone conversations will certainly become more frequent now, even if they are not completely free!

Adrian Fisher is a freelance journalist with a mission to be useful for people, which are interested in free calls,cheap calls to India, Pakistan, China, Germany, Spain and all around the world.

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