How to Remove Antivirus System Pro

by: James Anderson19

Antivirus System Pro acts like any other malware and scareware bug. It is crafted in a way so that it can scare computer users and force them to buy the complete fake version of this software. Once you buy it will invite more virus to your system.

Here is what it can do to your computer:

1.) Show false error reports

2.) Performs a false security scan of your PC

3.) Download malicious threats onto the computer

4.) Floods your desktop with irritating popups

5.) Reduce the speed of computer.

6.) Tries to scare PC users and force them to buy the complete fake version and scam their money.

7.) Keeps track on computer information that includes confidential and personal details such as account numbers, logins, passwords etc.

8.) It keeps your online identity at risk.

9.) Makes the users to waste more time and money by searching and buying for a good antivirus software that will be able to remove Antivirus System Pro

What it cannot do:

1.) It does not protect your computer from infection

2.) Does not identify incoming or existing contaminations

3.) It is quite expensive

4.) Cannot remove viruses

Therefore it is necessary to remove Antivirus System Pro once you get the trace of it in your computer. But the process of removing Antivirus System Pro is not very easy. Only a person who has sufficient knowledge on computer as well as the registry files. But if you are not a very computer savvy and do not have any idea about the process you should not try to do this yourself.

How to delete the infection:

1.) You need to check first whether all the symptoms that indicate the infection are present there in your system.

2.) Find the list of registry files and execute the process by comparing the list with the list of Task Manager.

3.) You can also delete the infection erasers, editors or registry cleaners.

4.) Find the related DLL files and delete them.

5.) Locate files to remove Antivirus System Pro. You can use Windows search tool and keep the track of folders, path files etc.

6.) Restart the computer.

As this nasty software program has the ability to recreate themselves you need to delete all the infected files carefully. Otherwise there may be a chance of further infection if a single file is left undetected and undeleted.