Microsoft Dynamics Navision Services is Extremely Helpful to Connect an Entire Business

by: Hemal Shrimanker

>From financial management to customer service and be it supply regulation or online business, Microsoft Dynamics Navision services brings together matchless functionalities and latest features which include capturing, organizing, sharing and regulate the flow of information across your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision services have been accepted by more than 57,000 companies in their processes which include financial, Sales and Marketing, Business Intelligence etc. It enables one to manage all aspects of the business under a single roof.

It resembles Microsoft Outlook which makes it very user-friendly. It helps users to use their existing prowess with applications with an easy-to-use setup. Integration with Word and Excel has never been as easier as with Microsoft Dynamics Navision services and that helps users to generate documents and reports and also work with them simultaneously. Navision services provided by several offshore Microsoft Dynamics Navision service providers also provide superior integration functionalities for other applications.


• You can use Microsoft Dynamics Navision services and would not have to change much of your existing system. You can choose different application areas for financial management, client relationship management, sales, marketing, purchasing, service management, manufacturing and online business. You can customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV features with the help of offshore Microsoft Navision services to point out the area which you want your business to connect.

• Offshore Microsoft Dynamics Navision service providers can tailor the software to meet the company’s exact needs depending on proven methodologies and tools. Business processes are mapped out and then the client’s competitive strengths are assessed.

• All the processes within Microsoft Dynamics Navision services are set with real-time right from the time a transaction has been created and sent. One can filter the results and zero in the details as and when necessary. One can always rely on the accuracy of the data that is displayed.

• All business information right from the customer, the product, inventory details, and sales is integrated within Navision for making better decisions. Which accounts need attention and which can withstand delay is for you to decide and set. One can even target sales and devise marketing campaigns depending on the sales figures, client interaction records and other relevant information which stands testimony that the campaign will have some impact.

• With Microsoft Dynamics Navision services, information is transparent and visible to all authorized users within the organization be it the back office, the warehouse or the retail centre. One can act at a real time basis by allowing changes to be reflected quickly across the system and notified to relevant users promptly.