by timcyhood

Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, designed to address the requirements of enterprise customers. It helps users to streamline their PC management, besides enabling user productivity. Windows 7 is featured with greater cost savings and higher efficiency. It also includes a unique subsystem installed to run UNIX applications.

Windows 7 delivers a powerpacked combination of productivity, improved performance and innovation. It is reliable and fast, allowing you to do a quick reboot, with instant shutdown, sleep, startup and standby resume. Compared to other operating systems, windows 7 causes fewer prompts and interruptions, yielding faster recoveries.
Windows 7 is specifically designed keeping compatibility in mind and works with a broad set of applications and devices. It also offers users  with the flexibility to run older XP applications with relative ease. It makes your search simple and convenient through larger taskbar, jump lists and highly modified instant search features.

It also comes with the all new libraries feature, which makes it easy for  you to find them, even if they are stored on different pcs or folders. It  simplifies your daily tasks, simplifying and streamlining them with commonly utilized resources. It not only gives your desktop an enhanced aero look, but also simplifies and streamlines your everyday tasks.

The Aero peek, aero shake and aero snap feature allows you to intuitively  work, arrange and navigate with multiple open desktop windows. It also helps you to easily share your printers and files online. It allows small businesses without servers to connect securely and quickly to the Pcs through wired domain networks. It helps you to manage the costs of multiple PCS and system security better. Buy Windows 7 also gives mobile workers the freedom to stay productive anytime, anywhere.

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