Why Use Privacy Control Software to Protect Your Privacy?

by: Chet Childers

Privacy Control software is a form of software that permits individuals to securely clean and remove the information that they no longer want on their computer. This is a very important and necessary tool for anyone concerned about the privacy of their data since many of Windows’ history and file deletion programs do not totally remove or eliminate the information. There are only a few software products in the market that enable comprehensive cleaning, deleting and shredding of the data from your hard drive. Two of these programs are Winclear and ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.

Information, at both a personal and professional level, can be powerful in today’s environment. Many of your personal and business relationships of today can be centered upon the use of and processing of information. While there is much focus given to the security of information on our computers, there is very little or focus or worry about the information after it is deleted. Unfortunately, you can still be at risk once the information is deleted from your computer using standard Windows’ options since the deleted data leaves traces that can be recovered easily by anyone who wants or needs to obtain this information.

To protect yourself, you need to be using privacy control software to completely clean and remove the files from your computer so that no one can gain access to them. These files include both visible and hidden files that you may or may not be aware of on your computer. Did you know your computer is a powerful recorder that records all your activity from Internet searching and browsing to emails sent and received as well as programs and files accessed and modified?

Privacy control software is a must have to scan, clean and eliminate information such as temporary Internet files, searching and browsing history, Internet caches, cookies, peer to peer (P2P) activities, media player activities, instant messaging and chat conversations, online shopping and financial transaction histories.

Two of the best privacy control software programs to protect your privacy and security needs are Winclear and ParetoLogic Privacy Controls. Both of these applications are all-inclusive and meet the key functional requirements of privacy control software. These key functional requirements are ease of use, multiple scanning categories, multiple inclusion and exclusion options, multiple file shredding options, online help and 24/7 customer support.

File shredding options are very important to provide the secure elimination of data files. Typically, these options involve the number of passes performed in the file overwriting process insuring the data file is unrecoverable by file recovery software applications. A complete privacy control application will provide one, three or seven overwriting passes, one of which meets DOD 5220.22-M standards.

If you choose either Winclear or ParetoLogic Privacy Controls as a privacy control software tool for your privacy and security needs, you will be making an informed and intelligent selection to eliminate your risk of privacy and confidentiality breaches from using standard Windows’ security capabilities.

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