Windows XP Blue Screen - How to Get Rid of This Error

By Jacob Turner

Most likely, the blue screen is the worst error in all the PC's. To tell the truth, the edition of the Windows that one is using has no influence on whether it can suffer from blue screen error or not, because all windows can experience this error. And so, this guide is not only intended for the Windows XP Blue Screen but for all the editions of the Windows.

Here are 3 Steps which can help you solve and avoid blue screen error from pestering your system. Just follow these tips and your computer will be error-free.

1. Inspect your computer's registry
All the vital data in your computer are saved in the Windows registry. The hardware, software programs installed are also registered here. But sadly, this registry entries can be corrupted and then make your system lose some important information required for the better performance of some programs or tasks.
When information went missing, the blue screen error develops and then freezes your computer. Most PC owners don't know how to repair some issues like this. On the other hand, the availability of the registry cleaner and repair software makes everything easy and manageable for the average users of computers because it is automated.

Plus, it is not hard to find, you can download it and some are even offered for free. That's a big savings for you since it's free and you'll no longer have to bring your computer to a technician as you can fix the problem yourself through the registry cleaner.

2. Spyware, adware, and virus scan
When you have already tried the first tip and it didn't solve the blue screen error, then this time, try running an adware, spyware, and virus scanner. You can also obtain this software for free in the internet. The scanning here can take a while longer compared to a scan by registry cleaner because it scan your hard drive thoroughly.

Blue screen errors are not typically caused by viruses, but it's possible. These sorts of scans are recommended to be done once a week for better results.

3. Deletion of a particular program and re-installation
Finally, if the first and second steps are not effective and haven't solved the Windows XP blue screen error, then a more drastic measures are needed.

Firstly, ensure that your windows restore function is active and you have an existing restore point set. After doing this, single out the running program/s where the blue screen usually appear. Delete and then re-install that program through your control panel.

Take note, prior to the deletion and re-installation procedure, make sure that you have the original CD or downloaded files of the program concerned. Otherwise, you will not be able to re-install the program that you have already deleted.

This simple method should repair Windows XP blue screen error permanently. Definitely, a trip to the computer repair shop is not an option if you can try and fix your computer by yourself. And this is what this article intends to do, to help you determine and find solution to some problems in your computer system.

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