Computer Network Topology

Author: Dicky Satrio Sudiro

The way how computer connect each other is called topology of network. Network topology refers to how physical layout of the network is organised. It is important to choose the right topology for how the network will be used. Each topology has its own characteristic.

To choose the right topology we must see the factors that influenced it. The factors are the layout, cost installation, type of cable and troubleshooting techniques. These factors determine how network will be established and how much will it cost.

The most common topologies:
Bus Physical Topology
Best used in small area of network. Bus topology also known in Mac world     as daisy-chaining.In the bus topology the cable runs from computer to computer     making each computer a link of a chain. Different types of cable determine     way of network can be connected. If your network using Thicknet coaxial cable,     then the bus network will have a central backbone cable. If you using smaller     cable (Taps) it will have backbone to each PC in the network. The biggest     problem with bus topology is that if it's not terminated correctly then your     network can't transmit correctly
Star Topology
In the star topology, each server and workstation connected into central     hub that provides connection to another device connected to the hub and it     shapes like a star. This type of topology are easy to work with and can pin     point problem location also isolate problem if it occours on workstation.     A large number of wires needed to connect the network is it's major drawback.
Ring Topology
A ring network is a topology of computer networks where each user is connected     to two other users, so as to create a ring. The most popular example is a     token ring network. It is not widely used due to inefficient compared to other     topology because the data have to travel through more node. The advantages     of this topology is each node have equal access and capable of high speed     data transfer also can span larger than other topology. The disadvantage is     the ring topology is a very expensive technology and not efficient.
Besides this topology there are uncommon topology being used in public for example mesh and fully connected topology that are mostly used in military technology since they are very effective technology and yet very expensive.--FA

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