Corrupt CD Rom Drivers - 3 Troubleshooting Tips

By: Logan Albright

Buying a new CD ROM and finding out that it has corrupt drivers can be a real bummer, but do not fret; the solution can be found easily, as easy as logging onto the internet. Do not go rushing back to the store when you have a perfectly viable solution on the internet.

One solution you might want to consider is to obviously find new ones. The drivers that you have in your possession are probably corrupt or damaged. Normally when you get a CD ROM, you do not really need drivers for the simple models, but for the cutting edge selections that are on the market, you might need drivers for Windows or any other OS to be able to capitalise on their more advanced features. The problem with this is that having been mass produced to such a large scale, there would definitely be faults on the manufacturing side and one of these can come directly from the drivers itself. If they supplied you with a CD with the drivers (for a CD ROM you have not installed), then you might have a problem where the drivers might have been installed incorrectly, and are corrupted, so all you need to do is to contact the manufacturer and get a fresh set of drivers from them.

The other solution would be of course to download the necessary drivers from the internet, and this usually involves finding the manufacturers’ website and clicking on the technical support link. They usually will have the latest drivers there for you to download and a highlight of the previous problems of the older ones. Sometimes, it is not the case of the missing driver, but the case where there is an issue of incompatibility with your system and the drivers that you are trying to install. Sometimes this happens when the drivers are tested with older systems that have not been updated and since operating systems like Windows tend to update themselves regularly, you always need to have on hand the latest set of drivers on you. Downloading them from the internet is the easiest solution here.

What if the problem persists even after you replace the drivers? Well, before you panic and think that the problem might be with the CD ROM itself, you need to look through the help forums and technical help you can get online; there are plenty of people like you out there on the internet that might have the same problem as you. So you do not need to worry unnecessarily.

In some instances, it could be a problem with your motherboard’s onboard audio system, or even some other devices on your computer conflicting with your CD ROM. More than likely you will be able to find a solution to your problem posted by a tech guru or an expert on the subject and he or she will either post the solution or give you the necessary links you need to know to fix your problem.

If you ever encounter problems with corrupt CD ROM drivers, try the abovementioned solutions. What better way to resolve them than with hassle-free ways that do not require you to send the CD ROM back to the retailer which you may have purchased it from?