Hottest Notebooks Of Today

by robertoms2003


This world is exploding with hot new technology. Often it is hard to keep up with the newest thing, as each day blooms with a new phone, a new car, or a new mp3 player. The same is true for notebooks, but consult this list to see the best-selling notebooks so far of 2010 and why they are being whisked off the shelves with lightning speed.

Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Intel Pentium Processors

Excellent for watching movies with a double-layer CD-ROM drive, this affordable notebook is popular for its easy-to-use structure and 1-year limited warranty. Weighing about 6 lbs, it is equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium, offering today's newest and sleekest interface. With its built-in Ethernet LAN, and programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Works 9, and a two month trial version of Microsoft Word Office, it is perfect for school and business and comes at an excellent price.

Dell Inspiron Laptop with Intel Pentium Processor

From the trusted makers of Dell, this laptop comes equipped with a built-in webcam and an Intel-Pentium processor that makes it ideal for multitasking abilities, Internet browsing, and video and gaming experiences. It is an excellent candidate for someone who wants to view pictures, videos, and games simultaneously with a 7-in-1 media reader and 3 high-speed USB ports. Sporting a battery life of 4.5 hours this laptop makes for excellent personal and family use.

Acer Aspire AS3050-1594

With a 15.6" CineCrystal LCD widescreen display and 1366X 768 resolution, this laptop is excellent for gaming and movie-viewing. Equipped with a digital media reader and up to 1919 MB of video memory, this is an excellent laptop for storing games, photos, movies, etc. Additionally, with the widescreen component, viewing movies and photos will become a pleasure with this notebook. Rated highly by customers, this notebook is equipped with a friendly keypad, amazing external cooling, and no hotspots. The 6-cell lithium ion battery provides up to three hours of battery life and the speakers allow for clear sound.

Apple Macbook Core 2 Duo T7200

Connecting to the Internet and surf the Web is easy with this laptop's high-speed AirPort Extreme wireless LAN, and for the busy multitasked, the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor is ideal. Chatting with family through microphone and webcam becomes a breeze with the iSight webcam. Listening to music with crisp stereo sound and excellent video graphics makes this laptop sell like hotcakes at the stores. Though a bit more pricy than the others, it is equipped with a robust software package that includes: iLife, iPhoto, iWeb, and GarageBand, making it highly appealing to consumers.

Lenovo ThinkPad T60 Core 2 Duo T2400

Easily navigable with an UltraNav multigesture touchpad and Trackpoint, this notebook and many variations of it are one of the best-selling of the year. Equipped with Adobe Reader and Microsoft Life Essentials, it is a useful tool to many. Good for a family household with a spill-proof keyboard, the laptop is durable and resilient and weighs a convenient 5 pounds. Finally, its built in webcam and 500GB Memory make it an excellent buy for a frequent computer user.

With so many choices in the bursting laptop industry, it's hard to know which is the right one to choose. But there are some that stand out from the rest and make a special name for themselves with their extraordinary features and affordable prices.

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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil