How to clean keyboard

Clean keyboard

There are many type of keyboards in the market. Always try to find a durable keyboard as it may fall down the table. First you need to see what type of keyboard you are using If it is a rubber keyboard like the shown below then it can be simply cleaned with a cotton cloth.
Rubber keyboard which is easy to clean

But if you are using a keyboard which has saperate buttons on it then use a bluer to remove the dusts particles from buttons. There are many chemicals available in the market which are used to shine plastic equipments or used to remove bold from plastic bodies. If you do not want to buy any chemical for this purpose then simply surf can be used to clean them but for this you should be very careful that water may not go inside the keyboard. try to use a dust protector like the shown below it will not only stop dust particles but also keep you keyboard as a new one.    

These covers are used to stop dust particle from sticking inside keys

Water proof keyboard

 Few keyboards are water proof and it is very easy to clean them.because if water go inside it will not damage the circuit and there is a hole beneath the keyboard from where all the liquid will be moved outside.

Keyboard which is water proof