How to Hide Folder in iPhone

 By: Mark Neil


iPhone is a touch screen mobile phone that has been very well accepted amongst mobile phone users in a record breaking time. Its stylish and sophisticated features have decanted so much aliveness into this next generation mobile phone. No doubt, iPhone is a truly influential mobile phone with loads of things to offer you. Either it is about communication features or about its pre-loaded entertainment functions; in both the cases iPhone for sure is a shot winner. iPhone mobile application development companies especially those who are developing application to hide private stuff in your iPhone and to secure your files and other confidential data in your iPhone, are also doing magnificent job by developing the smartest and the most intelligent applications for the iPhone and for that they need to be given full credit.

The purpose of developing iPhone security application is to enhance the performance level as well as to secure the iPhone data so that it would not get misused even if you lost your iPhone. In the beginning when the iPhone just hit the floor, there were no application available but as the iPhone started out to gain recognition and fame, the iPhone developers came to the scene and they did somewhat outstanding by presenting their hi-tech wizardry approach in the development of applications for the iPhone.

Among them is Newsoftwares which has now developed an iPhone security application for its users called Folder Lock for iPhone that can hide folders and files, videos and movies, audios and songs, private pictures and many other things.

Why do I Need to Hide Folders in iPhone?

Apple does not offer any default method to secure the data that you keep in iPhone, therefore it is important that you find a custom way to password protect and hide files, folders and other private stuff. This is because without a good iPhone security app, all your private videos, sensitive pictures and other important documents that you keep in your iPhone are very susceptible to get lost or stolen. Imagine what happens if a thief will get hold on your financial statements or your private pictures; or what happens if your boss finds out sensitive videos on your iPhone. All these are everyday scenarios and can be happen to you if you left your iPhone data unprotected.

Folder Lock for iPhone is one of its kind iPhone applications because it not only offers security for the files and folders that you keep in your smart phone, but is also being endowed with many other attention grabbing features.

It is very easy to use and user gracious application that has a very detailed built-in instruction guide that will; guide you on how to get started with this application. To hide folders in iPhone with Folder Lock, all you need to do is transfer that folder from your PC or MAC to your iPhone; and you are done!

Folder Lock for iPhone is smart enough to sort the transferred data in its relevant category so that you can easily access it.

Mark Neil is associated with, Inc developer of Folder Lock for iPhone.

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