How to rank number one in the search engines for free

 By: David Anthony Watson


It is relatively straightforward to rank in the search engines for your name quite quickly if you follow some of the steps detailed below. These are the free steps that I performed to rank number 1 in less than a week, however there will be many more ideas. So the next time you think about paying for this service, perhaps re-think this idea.

1. Create profiles on social networking sites

There are literally hundreds of social networking sites to join and add a profile. Amongst the most well known are Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. I would recommend starting with these sites and make sure you add in plenty of details about you as well as your contact details and website address.

2. Join internet forums

Again there are literally hundreds of online forums that you can join on the internet, these can rank well in the search engines particularly for your name. Join a number of forums and start talking to people worldwide about your niche or expertise.

3. Article Marketing

If you are reading this article you probably understand the importance of article marketing when marketing your brand online. Giving your readers quality content is likely to ensure they come back for more. Join a number of article sites and start submitting quality content for niche. Write a strong bio on yourself including your areas of expertise.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to connect with your audience as it gives them a much more personalized message. You can join You Tube for free and start making videos with a basic webcam. Popular videos can rank very quickly in the search engines so try and make it entertaining and of value. Record a video about yourself and use your name as the title in order to rank in the search engines.

5. Use your name as a keyword

For all the marketing mediums above, ensure you tag your name as a keyword, this will ensure that when someone types your name into the search engine, you are going to be optimized for it. If you have a highly popular name, like mine, use your middle name or a nickname instead.

If you follow the steps above you will be well on your way to ranking in the search engines relatively quickly. Check out David Anthony Watson in one of the search engines and you will find me there in number one position.

David Watson is an Internet Marketing Lifestyle Coach with 13 years professional experience. He runs his own successful home based business online following a proven business formula.

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