How to Setup a new Desktops and Laptops computers

 By: James Langer


Getting a new computer is exciting. It might be a desktop system, or a laptop. After getting it, you need to perform computer setup. Without setting up, your pc won’t start working. Your computer might be new or old, but they all require setting up before they can start working.

Before you enjoy your new computer, you have to take your time in setting it up in the most productive and safest manner. Why? It is just because rushing to get your new machine out of the box without any idea what you need to do next can be critical to your new pc.

How to appropriately set up your desktop computer?

Ask any computer expert, who knows about computer setup, and he will tell you that the first steps you take when you set up your new computer are very important. Forget first about the configurations for a virus checker or backup software. You must first perform the appropriate PC setup. You can ask help from anyone who really knows about computer setup.

1.It’s not that hard to perform a PC setup. You just have to make sure that that everything is connected in the right place.

2.In setting up a desktop computer, you must connect the monitor, mouse, keyboard in their corresponding places.

3.Connect the power cables and then place your system wherever you want it.

4.Once done, you can press the power button and you can now boot into Windows.

5.To complete the installation, you have to follow the on-screen procedures.

6.Install all the necessary software utilities that pc needs, and you can now use your new machine.

How to appropriately set up your laptop?

The same goes with a new laptop. The computer setup must also be done correctly and cautiously.

1.Connect its power brick to a surge protector or a UPS.

2.Connect the end of the cord to your laptop and boot it up.

3.Bring its docking station and place it on the table you want. Connect the external monitor, network cable, and other peripheral gadgets to its docking station.

4.Log on to your laptop and start installing all the software you need.

Follow these basic PC setup procedures and you will surely have your new computer working smoothly. If you still want a detailed procedure for your computer setup, you can always search on the internet. Just make sure that the website is specific to the brand of your computer.

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