Tips on How To Embed Swf File Video Flash in Your Personal Web Page With Free Exe to Swf Converter

A simple Program that Covert your Exe Application files into SWF Video Flash File. Just drag your Exe File inside of FardaSaz Exe to SWF Converter and FardaSaz Automatically Convert your Exe file into SWF. Now You Can Embed your Swf files in your Personal Web Page. Have fun and create your Own Embedded Object.

To Embed your SWF file :

• Upload your MyFile.swf in any Online Storage Site.
Best Example is Http:// and Http://

• After Upload, Copy the Link address of your MyFile.swf
Example: This is your embed link address of MyFile.swf

• In your HTML code find the line [Body] [/Body] and Paste the Below Code inside of your [Body] [/Body] Tags:

Note: If you don’t want to Put a Table on your Page. Just delete My table tags and Put only Your Embedded tag Codes.Download Quick_Slide_Show to convert your swf to a ScreenSaver or Back to Exe Application Again. More Info about Embedding Visit Here

Download Exe2SwfConverter[CodeCatcher]: Here
Download Quick_Slide_Show: Here

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