4 Successful Ways To Convert Your Visitors To Subscribers And Customers

 By: Joe Fuller

Photo: back9clicks.com

You've spent time and effort, and maybe money, getting visitors to your website. That website's job is to convert them to subscribers of your ezine or to have them buy a product. Here are 4 important ways of doing just that.

1 The first thing is to decide on what's most important to you. Really, there are only 2 considerations. One is to get people to join your ezine list. The other is get them to buy one of your own products. These, of course, may vary. There may be times getting your list built is absolutely vital. At other times, you might feel you need to focus on sales. Generally speaking though, the advantageous action is always to increase the size of your list. From there, you can continue to make offers to them while developing a long term relationship. Also, notice I said "your" product. You might start with affiliate marketing but you're more in control with your own product.

2 You're not limited to list building and selling your product. Of course, you want as many streams of income and list building as possible: you'll have more than one list. In that case, you might also, in addition to your products, be selling affiliate products on the one hand, and sending them to your social sites as another place to get their opt-in to your ezine.

3 In-context links to products and squeeze page as are best. Where you can, in your content have a clickable link as a part of it, as a natural continuation of the flow of your article or post or whatever. In passing, as a contextual link, it's more likely to get clicked. Make sure it opens in a new page. Also, put your most important links first, higher up in the content. So, probably, you'll put a link to your opt-in form first.

4 Never fail to tell visitors what they need to do. Visitors who are unsure, even if they actually do want to click through to your sales page, will often hesitate, then do nothing. Specify exactly what you require of them: which link to click, where it is and maybe what actions will then occur.

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