Can You Really Get A Free Apple IPad - Legally?

by Christian Kinzell


 I'm not your typical tech geek, but I have been waiting for quite a while to get my hands on an affordable tablet PC so I can experiment with drawing on a virtual sketchbook.  But I'm not really a PC person - I'm more of a Mac guy.  When whispers about an Apple Tablet began circulating in Summer 2009 I couldn't wait to see what Jobs et al were cooking up in the R&D lab.   By Q1 2010, the iPad was unveiled. And before I've even begun budgeting for one, I hear that a firm named FreebieJeebies is offering them free of charge.  What's the deal?In context of Apple's entire catalog the iPad is not terribly expensive.  However, you can't exactly call the iPad a necessity. Very few of us really need one. Yes, as more and more specialized industries develop "killer apps" for the platform, that will change.  But until then, and for those of us who just really crave this cool new toy, wouldn't it be great to get a free iPad?So along comes a new company called FreebieJeebies, and they want to give me a free iPad 32gb.  Come on. Isn't this one of those deals we just know are too good to be real?  To me, it sort of seems that way.  True, you can find online video clips of ordinary folks opening their brand new FreebieJeebies iPads. Again, I wonder about the authenticity of these clips.My friends know me as a true skeptic. You'd be hard pressed to pull the wool over my eyes. I've thoroughly analyzed the FreebieJeebies user contract and believe I have figured out what they're up to. This company is just an aggressive web marketing firm that earns cash by sending large numbers of subscribers to client sites. It seems to me that they are a statistically savvy organization that makes good on their giveaway promise, yet turns a profit by more than offsetting the cost of awards with revenue earned from referral partners.It works this way: to earn your free Apple iPad, iPod or laptop, you first register by providing verifiable contact information for yourself. Next, you refer FreebieJeebies to your friends, and last, you sign up for a free trial of an affiliated company's product or service. This last piece - third party marketing spend - is exactly how FreebieJeebies generates the required revenues to support its iPad giveaways.  Predictable user attrition rates help FreebieJeebies manage the cost of shipping so many, well, freebies. The same laws of statistics that insurance companies use everyday help FreebieJeebies to stay in the black while they make good on prize awards.And there you have it: a legitimate business model that gives away free iPads!  Ahh, the wonders of modern marketing.

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