Components of word 7 opening screen

Following are the components of word 7 opening screen

1. The Microsoft Office Button.It is a big button on the upper left-hand corner of the screen (same as the old File menu in previous versions of Word).

2. The Quick Access Toolbar.It is located just to the right of the Office Button is the Quick Access toolbar, and has buttons for using Word's most frequently used features, including Save, Undo, Redo, Print Preview and more . You have options to add and remove buttons for any functions you please.

3.The Ribbon. It is the main way to work with Word. In old version we have to go to menu>submenu>....., but in ms word7, it menus have submenus groups buttons for common tasks together in tabs on a graphical interface.

4. The Scrollbar.It is having small changes.In this at the top, there is a small button that looks like a minus sign that split your screen in two and just below that, there is another small buttons that displays or hides a ruler when you click it.

5. The View Toolbar. In earlier versions of Word the view toolbar was on the lower left-hand side of the screen, now it is on right hand side in word 7. It has buttons like print layout, full screen, Web layout, outline and draft views, same as it was in earlier Word versions.Zoom in and Zoom options are also available in word 7.

6. The Status Bar. It is in the same location as in earlier Word versions and have the same function.