Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows


Automatically diagnose and repair problems with devices when the device manager does not detect your hardware, audio, USB, or other devices, or when your devices are disabled or not working.

What it fixes...
  • When you install a hardware device, it is not detected
  • Determine if your audio device is plugged in
  • Driver updates aren't automatically installed by Windows Update
  • You receive one of the following errors:
    • Your <Device Name> is currently disabled or turned off in Windows
    • Your <Device Name> has a driver problem and needs to be reinstalled
    • Windows has detected a problem with your <Device Name>, it is not working properly
    • There is no driver installed for your <Device Name>

How it works...
Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services scans your computer and detects the root causes of common problems, then
Automatically fixes the problems that it finds, and
Offers additional resources if the problem isn't fixed

Instruction to Run...
  • Click the Run button to launch the file
  • Click the Continue and/or Allow button to proceed