Highlight, bookmark, and remember using Diigo Personal information management system

Diigo is a cloud based personal Information management system.Diggo provides you with tool on all major web browsers, Android iPhone and iPad.It helps you to collect and access a variety of information. All the item which you collect goes to my library on the Diigo server, that is in the cloud. For example the information’s like Bookmarks,highlights,notes,sticky notes,docs,images etc.So you can access from anywhere at anytime

Let’s see what Diigo has to offer
  •  Diigo offers amazing tools for reading online. It allows you to add digital highlights and attractive sticky notes as seen in the screenshot. And all these highlights will be saved in the page even when you revisit as the information is saved in the Diigo server. Visit from any computer or device like an iPad.
  •  Diigo highlights are essential for active e-reading and better retention
  •  Diigo offers bookmarks and snapshot option. You can directly bookmark and page and add tags for your convenience .and when you snapshot a webpage the page saves as HTML and also as an IMAGE
  •  Besides from saving useful WebPages, the capture feature allows to select a particular area, annotate a screenshot using various colors, design and text. This can be very useful when you want to save a screenshot for yourself or share visual notes with others with easily. Need not worry; all this data is stored in my library that is the cloud in the Diigo server
  • You can access your library with any Mobile platform that Diigo supports.
  • Using Diigo Power note for Androids you can browse page or mark read later to add it in the queue. Also you can write on your ideas, take pictures of anything that you want to research later. in other word Diigo acts like your photographic memory
  •  In the same way you can access your bookmarks using Diigo offline reader for Iphones.also download pages to read offline when there is no access to the internet.

“Infact, Diigo is such research tool that rocks”