How to find Domain/Website Who-Is Information

If you thought anytime about who is the owner of a particular domain or website and other information about that domain or website then domaintools help you to find the whois information.

To know the contact information like domain owners, admin or technical contact this tool helps you. Also you can see some technical information about that domain or website like the nameservers the domain uses, number of websites hosted on that particular server/IP and other nice information.

You can also see the domain name registration dates and expiry dates. Every webmaster would find this tool very useful. You can find this at Who Is Domain Tools where you need to enter the domain name or the IP address.

I just made a search there for and i found interesting info on its name servers and registration dates :)

who is domain tools usage

You can also find the number of servers hosted along with Note that this is for informative purpose only.

who is domain tools