How to register Window 7 upgrade

You can upgrade from window xp or vista to window7. To upgrade
Start >Search files and folders (we have to type “regedit”) >Enter
• In the “user account controls” window click on “yes” and registry editor will open.
• Then navigate to the OOBE Folder and click the arrows next to the a registry key to open the registry folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Setup/OOBE/
• In the OOBE Folder, double click on the "MediaBootInstall" key.
• Then change the Vale from "1" to "0".
• Next start > Search files and folders ( type “CMD”) and Right-click on the short cut > Run as administrator.
• In the “user account controls” window click on “yes” and command promt will open.
• In the command line window, type slmgr /rearm and press Enter.
• After this close the command line window and restart.
• After restart Start>computer >Properties and then type product Key to activate window 7