Laptop Processor: Why Middle End Processors are Most Preferred

by: Lesley Lyon


The processor is considered as the heart of any computer which is listed first in all the computer market. The specification listing will indicate in the spec sheet about the model, brand and also the processor speed whereas on the other hand, the information with regard to marketing will highlight only the rating of the speed. Due to this fact, the customers or the buyers would find it very tough to predict the quality of the machine. It is a common fact that the processor that runs at a particular speed in a particular model will not maintain the same speed for the other models that are manufactured by the same producer. Let us now see about the various categories of the processors and their function.Some of the processors will be considered as outdated due to the stoppage of their production and the prevailing stock will be sold for the economy systems or the refurbished old systems. These processors will take long time for running a programme or an application and in some cases this will not run the software available in the market presently. Hence, it is better to avoid purchase of the computers with this type of processors. Consideration can be given only if the system is required for the fundamental functions like web browsing or word processing. Some of the processors are very economical with superior performance which the companies would have stopped production. These types of processors can be categorized into two. The first one is the older high end processors for which the production is stopped and the other one is the new and low end budget processors. The high end processors which are discontinued from the market will give a better result in terms of their function like a little lower clock speed and also the processor’s architecture allows it to perform well in most of the computing errands when compared to the new processors.The performance of the middle end processors is superior and gives the desired result for the money spent. Even though, it is not considered as the very fast processor in the market, it’s performance in the all the aspects seems to be enormous. These processors do not have the life span as for the high end processors.These processors lie on the top of all the processors and in particular when the question of processing power arises. A laptop can be rated as a superior one only when it is fitted with a good processor. The customer may have to shell out a little more money for purchase of these types of laptops. The processors that are manufactured and marketed today are of superior quality and rated as premium when compared to the middle end and low end processors. These processors even though the rate is nearly double the rate of low and middle end processor; the performance, when compared, is in the range of 25% to 50% higher.   
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