Perfect Keylogger Offers a True Stealth Solution

 By: Mindy Matter


The Perfect Keylogger can make your life much easier. It will help you to keep tabs on your children, even your spouse when they use the computer - and, no one will ever know. If you install it at work you will be able to check on your buddy or even your co-workers. If you want to know what these people do online, all you need is this easy to use software program. However, on the other side, this might make computer users more aware of how personal information might be confiscated, and, without permission.

As a result of the Perfect Keylogger, and other programs, some people will think twice before logging onto a library computer, going to a cybercafe, or using an unfamiliar computer. The reason for this is because it is possible for others to capture your password. Once your password is taken from you...well, this allows the other person to possibly get into your bank account, read your personal mail, and do all sorts of other things. In many ways, if it is not used properly, it can be very unethical - almost in an illegal way. Still, it has its place in our society.

You can install the Perfect Keylogger quickly and then find out what the key people in your life are doing on the computer. The great thing is, the software program is completely hidden. No one will know you are using it let alone that you are checking on them. It keeps everything the other person types in a protected file. Another great thing is the price. This program was actually created in order to offer such spyware to everyone at a minimal price. It is also easier to use than the expensive programs. You will not need to worry about changing any of your settings or doing anything differently to your computer.

The Perfect Keylogger is a sophisticated software program that is translated into more than 20 different languages. Not only does it record what the person is writing it also records each single keystroke. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, imagine, although s/he may not type any words s/he may choose to send happy faces, hearts, or other indications that s/he is doing more than a simple chat.

The Perfect Keylogger has another fantastic feature which is the keyword detection and notification. You can actually create your own list of 'alert words.' These are words or phrases you want the program to carefully check to see if they have been used. The software program will constantly monitor for such words and phrases. If you are checking to see if your spouse is cheating you might use such words as 'sex,' 'intercourse,' or other words and phrases you select. If and when such a word or phrase is detected the Keylogger makes a screenshot and immediately sends you an email to notify you. Unlike some other spy software programs, Keylogger provides you 100 per cent privacy and no information is sent to the company - information is only sent to your email account.

The Perfect Keylogger is available in three different editions. You can purchase the full version, the full version remote edition, or the basic edition. Your choice is determined by your needs.

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