What to Do When Your Computer Freezes Up

By: Logan Albright

Do not panic, if you can believe it, a computer freezes up in the modern world every 40 seconds, which means you will have someone joining you soon. Keep calm and try to figure out what you last did. Tapping on the keyboard and wildly swinging your mouse around will not help the situation much. If your keyboard is still responsive, try to ALT-TAB and see whether you can end the problem program. Usually it would be earmarked with something like ‘not responding’ tagged to its status on the task bar. If your keyboard is locked up, see whether or not you can move your mouse around. If the answer is a yes, then try to move it to the restart button, or try to right click and shut down some programs.

Well, these are the options that you have if your keyboard and mouse are still functioning. If you are tapping your keyboard and you get a beeping sound, then the entire system has locked you out, meaning Windows has gone into a freeze state that is irreparable. You will have no choice but to find your manual reset button (usually next to the power button on your CPU’s tower) and flick your computer back to life. This article is more of a venture into the root of the problem and surveys around the world have revealed a single problem to this one woe of computer users all over the world - the registry of Windows.

What is the registry? The registry is the nexus of the Windows operating system, where all commands are written within its matrix. Windows uses it as a log book of all the activities that happen within the OS as well as an instruction book to execute programs and launch sensitive .DLL and system files. Normally, if all goes well and the registry is intact, bad program launches and system freezes will not happen. But of course, this is not a perfect world, and the computer as well as the end user is not perfect as well. In the end of the day, the registry can get bombarded from many different angles, which include viruses and worms, which infiltrate the registry and leave malicious command lines and false embedded keys inside.

They can also be attacked by malware which has the same effect. Bad program installs and uninstalls can leave negative zero values, orphan keys and bad command lines within its matrix; and these are just some of the problems that can arise. In summary, these bad hats within the registry can and will confuse the Windows operating system, which will lead to problems like crashes and of course systems hangs. The best way to prevent yourself from these problems is for you to get a reliable anti virus, anti malware/spyware program as well as a good registry cleaner. These three in combination will give you a speedy machine with minimal hiccups, leaving you without a situation of what to do when your computer freezes up.