Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool is a small utility which allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO file on a USB flash drive or a DVD. With the help of USB/DVD Download tool, you can install Windows 7 directly from the USB flash drive or DVD.

To install it, You need to be an administrator.

Its System Requirements:

* Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
* Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster (300 MHz is recommended)
* 50MB of free space on your hard drive
* DVD-R drive or 4GB removable USB flash drive

To use the tool, you need to backup to a Blu-Ray DVD disk but don't need to backup to a CD-R.

Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool