Use Linux for the Best Computer Security

by James Madison


 If you want a secure operating system you might consider Linux operating system. Linux is an open source operating system. This means that anyone can use the code, modify or redistribute under GNU General Public License. Due to its versatility, Linux can be loaded in PDA, smart phones, PC, tablet PC. Some of the fastest supercomputers are using Linux as operating system. Linux was not a very popular operating system at the time when it was launched. But with distributions like Ubuntu, SUSE, Mandriva Linux has proved that it can really replace other operating systems in case of Workstation and of course servers. You can get Linux set up support from a PC support service provider.

Now the question is that which is more secure Windows or Linux? Both operating systems have list of supporters and the debate will continue but one thing for certain, it is difficult to secure Window Operating System. On the other hand, it takes some time to become acquainted with Linux. But when security is concerned Linux is better as compared to Windows. Let"��s discuss the reasons.

First of all, an ordinary user of Linux does not have all access like executing a file or using a CD ROM drive. In order to execute a file or accessing a CD Rom drive you should be a super user or an administrator. This helps Linux to be a secure operating system. But it is worthy saying here that Windows NT operating systems are equally secure in this regard.

Again, we certainly know that number of users using Windows far exceeds users using any other operating system. Hence, hackers or crackers have the tendency to concentrate more on Windows than Linux operating system. Another one thing for sure is that Virus or Trojan horse written for Windows has no effect on Linux operating system.

Securing Linux is slightly easier than Windows as most of the tools are open source. On the other hand, when Windows operating system is concerned you might have to purchase one. This might be little expensive.

If you are new to Linux Operating System, you may or may not do well with Linux Operating System. But once you get used to it, you can easily do all the tasks like connecting to internet, sending mails, chatting, downloading, and watching a movie, listening to songs and that too without worrying about virus or spyware or adware.

Linux has its own firewall and once configured properly it will protect you against all odds. So if you want to try Linux without uninstalling your favorite OS you can do the same. So what you can do is to call up an expert who can guide you in proper way so that you can enjoy a virus free and secure computing.

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