How to Make Text Larger on the Internet

I've been sharing this tip with my clients for years, and thought it a good idea to share it here too.  Some of us are visually challenged and find it difficult to read the text on many web pages.  Even more frustrating is that the text size varies from web site to web site. 

The cool thing is that there is a keyboard trick you can do to easily increase or decrease the size of text on any web page you're visiting.  And this trick works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox (as well as other internet browsers).

To make text larger, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and then hit the + sign.  You can keep hitting the plus the sign while the CTRL key is held down to zoom in a couple of times.  

To make text smaller, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and hit the - sign (minus key to the left of the + sign).  Again, as long as you are holding down the CTRL key, you can keep hitting the minus key. 

Using this little trick, you can quickly and easily change the text size of web pages so they're easier to read.