Testing your RAM Using Memtest86+

RAM- Random Access Memory,is one of the things that get damaged easily in a system and Bad RAM is the root cause of many computer problems such as randomly restarting or not booting at all.and most of the times the OS is blamed.

How does Ram gets damaged?
RAM can get damaged for a number of reasons from Manufacturing  to installation.or too much heat,humidity or excessive voltage can result in failure.or even from static electricity,you may not be aware your RAM might be working to this minute and the next minute its gone.

Hence,its always beneficial to check RAM,and if your RAM is Faulty memtest86+ will show a Memory Dump address just like BSOD.(Blue screen of Death)

Setting up Memtest86+

  1. Download Memtest86+ from the download page 
  2. Save it to your desktop,it will be easier to find
  3. Unzip the zip file ,you will find only one file
  4. Burn the ISO file to CD
  5. After successfully burning the file,check if there is a boot folder in the CD,if its present then you have properly burned the file
  6. Let the CD remain in the DVD drive and restart your System
  7. Make sure you boot using DVD drive not HDD 
  8. You will see a blue screen like the one in the Screenshot

    9.Let the test run for minimum of 3Pass,it will take some time.be patient
  10.Once the test is done you can remove the CD and restart the machine 

What does the Values in Memtest86+ mean?
   1.On the top left its all about your system information
   2.The top right section will display the overall progress
   3.The bottom half displays the info on memory that is being tested  

How Do I know if there is an Error?
    1.If you get errors the lower part of screen will be filled with red error messages (screenshots)
    2.It will show a Memory dump address
    3.If there is any error get the ram replaced.
    4.A good ram will have no errors
Thats it,now you can successfully test your RAM and find out if its Faulty.