Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

The Windows Installer Clean up Utility is helpful in safely removing the Windows Installer Settings from your PC if there is some problem.There are several reason when Windows Installer becomes damaged.

The commons reasons why Windows installer is damaged:
  1. Whenever a windows registry setting used by windows installer is changed by you or the person using the PC its creates a problem. 
  2. Registry become Corrupt,or multiple instances of a setup running side by side(simultaneously)
Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

Windows Installer Clean up Utility helps to remove any information associated with the software program including the registry entries. The work is quite simple but Its not and Uninstaller.if you want to uninstall then go to add remove programs but windows installer Clean up Utility  removes only the Installer Information for that particular program and its files are not removed,its intact. 

For example if the Installer is looking for office 2003 or Visual studio.then look for these programs in the Windows installer cleanup utility and once your are sure about the programs just remove it. 

The next step will be  to restart your system. and if still the problem persist then you have not selected the correct program in  Windows Installer Clean up Utility.Select the right one and the problem will be solved