Fixing “Disk I/O error during read” Error Message

Damage in Microsoft Access database mostly results into an error message, which pops up while mounting the database. The result of this error message is unmountability of database and inaccessibility of its stored records. Few situations under which database damage takes place are improper system shutdown, MS Access malfunction, virus attack, and simultaneous modification of same records in a database component. The hazards created after any of these situations can be easily surmounted by restoring the data from an updated backup. Although most Access database users have a habit of maintaining a regular backup, there are some who either forget to create a backup or create a backup at an unsafe location, which results into corruption of backup file. In such cases, the database users need to use an efficient third-party repair access utility that can systematically repair the corrupt database.

As a practical case, you receive an error message while trying to mount your MS Access database (Employee):

“Disk I/O error during read”

The above error message appears at the mounting stage and results into inaccessibility of Employee database records. In addition, the error message pops up every time when you try to mount the database.


The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is corruption of MS Access database.


The resolution for the error message is to repair the MS Access database by using the inbuilt repair utility named “Compact and Repair”. Although, the repair utility is capable enough to resolve corruption in most cases, it fails to repair when the database is severely damaged or the database is too large. For such situations, the only way to repair the database is by using advanced Access Repair application.

An repair access file tool repair the corrupt database by using powerful scanning methods, designed by highly qualified database recovery experts. The tool is designed in a highly graphical manner, which makes even a non-technical user to easily perform the database repair. The software does not overwrite the original data in the file, making the repair process completely safe and risk-free.