Computer is one step towards a good start to do a job in all kinds of occupations.

Have you learned the computer, at least there should be one family among us who understand about computers because the world is now so close to the technology.

In 21th century every work use with computer like in office, home, school, make money,
play games and many more. how important ? computer is important every where every time,
and in the moment no work use computer every work use computer, cause computer make our
work easy and better.

We can do with computer about everythink what we do. We can to be
programmer, acounting, internet marketing etc.But we often find trouble about computer
but we cannot finish and find about the trouble, it's make we confuse and make we angry
if we can't finish abaot that. The trouble about computer actualy not much,
but we didn't know what is the trouble maker to our computer.
there is a thousand trouble if we want know about cause in step by step the trouble.
we know now about technology computer many new Personal computer but we just use old computer and there we find many trouble about our old computer.