Upgrading X10 Mini Proto 2.1 Official

It is highly recommended to upgrade to the official 2.1 Eclair use SEUS because it is more advantageous in terms of stability and speed of the OS itself. In addition, SEUS (SonyEricsson Update Service) will delete everything on your systems unless X10 Mini Pro SDCard, and install a clean OS.

What to Do Prior is:

* Changing Build.Prop according to the country / operator where you used X10Mini Pro *


1. Root X10 Mini Pro uses UniversalAndroid.apk download from http://www.4shared.com/file/bk0xLuvc/UniversalAndroot.html then copy to SDCard, and run the file manager to execute him, rooted X10 Pro Mini!

2. Download and install the Root Explorer from market

3. Open this link to get the country code / operator http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=743800

4. The code will look like xxxx-xxxx. For the record, this is not a code beginning with such cdfxxxx-xxxx but afterward.

5. Root Exolorer Run and set "Allow" when asked for root access. Navigate to the \ system and click "Mount R / W" at the top right corner and turn into "Mount R / O"

6. Locate build.prop, hold and 'highlights' canoe Munch 'pop-ups'. Select the 'Permission'

7. Tick ​​'Write' for 'Group' & 'Others'. Then click 'OK'. Now you can edit the file.

8. Click and hold again, this time pillih "Open in text editor '

9. Search and strategically located xxxx-xxxx format or something similar to 1237-9318. Replace the numbers with the numbers that you got at step 3. And do it in the next 2 code with the same numbers.

10. Click on the menu, save & exit

11. Make sure the codes are already stored and transformed

12. Turn Off the Mini Pro X10 and start with the SEUS and the following steps

Upgrading to the Latest Version of Android use SEUS

(Previously, make sure the content in the folder \ Program Files \ SE \ Update Service \ db blank if you have used SEUS to update the previous) thankz to pabling19 for info

download SEUS from http://sonyericsson.com/support

1. SEUS will ask you to plug in the X10 Mini Pro in a state of flash modes.

2. Way, turn off the X10 Mini Pro and let stand for 20-30 seconds duration, then hold the back button (in a state of turn-off) and plug into the USB cable and drop back button.

3. Repeat step 1 if SEUS fails to detect X10 Mini Pro. If successful, wait for the SEUS download the firmware 2.1 and installed to your X10 Pro Mini.

4. It is noteworthy that during this process, segalam kinds of disorders can be fatal to your X10 Pro Mini. When finished, restart the phone. Do not panic when booting time longer than the previous.

5. X10 Pro Mini Eclair now using OS 2.1 .. enjoy