Basic Component in Personal Computer

This little definition is only to describe what is on the computer or Basic Component in Personal Computer, to more clearly perhaps you can read in the book there are instructions on the computer when you bought it.

Or you can search through google, this little article is just a few descriptions of some components that are in PCs.
hopefully useful.


Processor is important hardware in a PC, Procesor have three important part. First is ALU (Aritmatchs Logical Unit) who have function all matematic component value. Second is CU (Control Unit) who have function for all data way. Third is MU (Memory Unit) who have function for support unit and for save Data for a while who use processor.


Motherboard that for place all components computer save. and have influence for every operating system good work. The Motherboard devide two category, it's Motherboard for INTEL who have socket type 423, 478, 479, and 775 and for AMD motherboard for AMD Socket type is 462, 754, 940, and 939.


The Most Memory it's use for computer it's a DDR-SDRAM(Double Data Rate-Synchronous Dynamic RAM) for a while. DDR-SDRAM type it's made who have a bandwith. And the most type we can find for a while it's PC 2100, PC 2700, and PC 3200. If a memory have DDR-SDRAM PC-3200 then that memory teory have bandwith is 3200MB/s, and clock it's 200 MHZ.
Value about Memory :

Example if a memory DDR-SDRAM PC-1600 (data width 64bit~8byte). Give Clock it's 100 MHZ (Cause DDR then for 1 clock will transfer two a data). Bandwith have = 8 byte x 100 MHz x 2 = 1600 MB/s.


The Graphic card it's important component in a PC. Resolution Quality Screen and about a faster apllication 3D or 2D acceleration it's function with what we use the graphic card. in a while it's have two interface use in graphic card modern, like AGP and PCIe (PCI-Express).


Harddisk have a function for save data in PC. harddisk type who often we find it's ATA, SATA, and SCSI. This Different type can be see in port to harddisk have. for data transfer faster to harddisk it's definable by how platter arround. The faster use for platter is RPM The faster of saving media can be grow up with use RAID (Redundant Array of Independent). RAID need two harddisk. RAID use is Stripping, Mirroring, and other. Stripping use for grow up the faster with a devide or collect the data who write or read to two harddisk or more.
Mirroring use to protect and safe data with the same data will write to tow harddisk or more.
The best method for it's we must get the stripping and mirroring, but this method need big cost we must have.


This optical drive have much in the market and place almost change the floppy drive. This optic drive have a much kind. begin from CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD RW, and combo drive.

This add card use such for secondary or for complete PC, This add card wiill turn in PCI slot in motherboard.

The function about power supply it's make our computer turn on in a electricity. we must option the power supply it's have big or make our computer stabil. much of power supply it's 250 watt, 300 watt, 350 watt, and 500 watt.

casing it's home for all component computer and place for that. with enough room in a casing then can give fresh siclus and make computer not hot, and make to protect happen sort circuit to PC cable component.